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Fertilizers and Fertilizer industry raw materials

AGROFERTRANS fertilizers 


We are strong of long-term and stable supply and commercial contracts with industry leaders in the

countries of origin and destination as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Brazil, China, Vietnam, etc ...

Our main Products :

Ammonium sulphate  (crystallized, granular, compacted*) *our own production

Urea (prilled, granular)

Ammonitrate (AN, CAN)

Phosphate Rock, Super Phosphate *(SSP, TSP )


MOP (standard, granular, soluble, technical)

NPK complex or Blend

Soluble fertilizers, oligos (MAP, MKP, Mg-Zn-Fe-B sulfate…).

Solid Sulfur

We offer mainly full cargo (from 3.000 to 70.000 t.)  CFR or containers (from single 20' container)

We are experienced in "combined shipment" with various products / ports of discharge (especially from China) and so we can offer competitive conditions per part of cargo.

We suggest that you consult us for any need or tender,  providing us with your specifications: product, volume, packing, destination port, delivery period, banking informations. .. and if possible targeted price.

We are always open to receive your “firm bids”.

Our billing methods are pre-payment, CAD or L/C confirmed by 1st  class bank.

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